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The Empowered Woman

Leadership & Empowerment

Business Mastered Beautifully

Master Your Mind

This is an introductory class for women seeking Empowerment and effective Leadership Skills.  We teach the basics to complete self-belief and true Leadership.  We help you see your true gifts, passion, and provide lasting tools and practice for continued support and success as you forge your way to your goals and a life you love.

Business Mastered Beautifully is a course designed for the woman that is sure of what she wants.  This is a 12-week class designed to strategize and implement your heart and soul centered business.  We offer ideas, business strategy, web, funnel, and ad design, marketing assistance, and course creation to ensure you and your clients reach ultimate success.

The Abundant Life Bootcamp

Work With Sandi 1:1

The Abundant Life Bootcamp is a course designed for the woman that is ready to live an abundant life.  In this 6-week private 1:1 course, you will learn skills and techniques to reprogram old negative thinking and open your heart and mind to live the life you have always wanted.  This class is a condensed version of the Live Beautifully Course in a 1:1 coaching format.  You will work with Sandi 1:1 every week for 6 weeks.


The Transformational Membership

Everything We Have And More

The Transformational Membership is an annual membership where you receive all modules from every program or course listed above, all videos and audios made for the classes, podcasts, ebooks, and so much more!  The Membership is currently under construction and will be available this upcoming July 2021!  We have a pre-order available, so you will have access before it is officially released.  When you pre-order the membership today, you will receive email access to the membership at the end of May (Almost two months before anyone else!!).

After you pre-order, you won't be charged your annual fee until July of 2022 (You will receive two months completely free if you pre-order today)


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