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Love Your Life- Live Beautifully

Master Your Mind
Remove All Money & Abundance Blocks
Create A Total Life Change
Love Your Life-Live Beautifully was designed as a 12-week course that includes all of our older courses and curriculums combined.  Here we work on daily practices and skills to create and ultimately design a Life you Love

We teach you how to effectively work through stress in day-to-day situations, so that you may maintain a high level of alignment.  You will leave with a clearer vision of your life path, a better understanding of self and others, and tools to support you and your new way of thinking.

As a BONUS, we are including 8 additional modules to study at your own pace, and additional videos to get you through the next steps to Financial Freedom. These Bonus weeks are chalked full of business building and life transforming information to get you the dream career, love, life, and financial freedom you want!

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Love Your Life- Live Beautifully is the Ultimate 12-Week Course to Change Your Life and remove any abundance, money, career, love, or relationship blocks.
This course is open for enrollment
20-weeks too long?!  Try our Life Transformation Starter Course, The original
In the 7-weeks to Transformation you will receive the class that started it all.
7 life changing weeks, where we work on mindset mastery, life healing, forgiveness, and looking to the future.
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Here's what Happens After Checkout
  • The worksheets you will need for your course and a link to our Private Facebook group will be in the courses site/emailed to you, if applicable.
  • Sandi will be interacting on the group page throughout the 12-week course and 8+ bonus weeks.  You will be able to ask questions in the comments, during all Live's and Q&A's.
  • You receive access to the first 12 weeks immediately, we recommend you take the course on schedule. Do not jump ahead, studying and practicing week by week will give you more success and opportunity to fully receive and process each life changing step.
  • After we finish the course, the bonus weeks will become available to you.
Love Your Life Course Options
We have a limited number of private session slots. Get Your Course Today, Before They Are Full
The 12-Week Course
Love Your Life Online Retreat
(A Total Life Change)
$1500 Initiation Fee
The DIY Course
with Weekly LIVE Q&As
+ Two 1:1/month sessions with Sandi  $9k value

+ Invite to join Private FB group

+ 2 Weekly LIVE Q&A's $20k value

+ 24/7 Access to Membership $25k value

+Discounted Additional Hours

+Waived Initiation Fee to one of our Private Mastermind Groups, A Total Life Change or Boss Builders 
+ Worksheets included in Course printout 

+ LIVE Q&A's with Sandi

+Invite to join Private FB group

+ Platform to submit questions.
+ Two 1:1/month sessions with Sandi $3K 

+ Course Membership Access $1k

+ One weekly LIVE Q&A with Sandi $4K

+ Monthly Mastermind Zoom Calls $2k

+We follow the 20+ week course curriculum and supplementals $12k

+ Access to the *Retreat
Only* Facebook group

+ Follow up Zoom Calls after you finish the course $5k

+ Message or email questions any time!

+We are here with you every week to help you get the b
est results 

+In this Mastermind, we move you into total mindful and spiritual
financial freedom.
🔒 We do not store or share any of your information with any 3rd parties
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