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Life Through My Eyes

Life Purpose -

In life I envision all that cross my path in person, by page, or any internet, will find the pathway to their truest self through realization of how great they can be.

I want all to see their true value and begin the journey of existence and purpose, not just getting by. Our time here should be so much more than work, soccer, bills, and the occasional dinner and a movie or vacation.

Ones' purpose is greater than just existing. Your existence is your time here, I want all to travel a journey of great purpose and to see everyone create amazing lives for self, family, and the world.

Great purpose is created by ones' passion to change a given situation. A passion to guide others to peace, abundance, or success. A passion to stop inhuman acts created by man-kind, a passion to improve life for self and others, a passion to live life as intended through sharing information and teaching others how to be their best self.

Peace -

Peace is an inside job and is established once you have found your purpose, your alignment with the greater intent in life and being. The alignment with the one, nature, and you. When you realize you create all that is, you become the maker of your life, when aligned with God and nature your vision becomes clear, your purpose is defined, and peace is mostly attained.

For ultimate peace one must also create a space for forgiveness. Forgiveness is a matter of the heart, not the mind, but being logical, critical, and analytical beings the most thorough of deepest forgivenesses is found in compassion for the struggle of the one that needs forgiveness.

Compassion is found through understanding. In understanding where an individual is coming from(self included), your brain then files this information away and uses it to create a logical explanation of a behavior or action. In finding a logical path to “why”, your brain makes sense of a situation, when it makes sense your heart opens to forgive.

When the heart door opens to forgiveness there is a love light that is released into the world. In that light you are safe and protected and provide a safe space for others to come and receive love and understanding.

Parenting -

My philosophy on parenting is quite simple. In the giving of life to another you signed an unwritten contract to provide and protect this tiny precious gift. You silently agreed to always ensure safety, guidance, love, understanding, and patience to this being that was so lovingly entrusted to you.

You agreed to it, you made that decision, be true to your obligation, in this contract you agreed to treat this child with kindness, loving authority, protection from dangers, to teach skills, to sustain self, and to live. Live with purpose and intent. You agree to teach with love and patience. You agree to teach wisdom, compassion, and doing so with giving them sense of self and self worth. Your job is not to beat them down, but to build them up.

Cleanliness -

To de-clutter, is to provide space for energy to flow, it creates a space for creativity and peace. To be organized creates efficiency. Efficiency creates more time to do things you really enjoy, my full philosophy on de-cluttering and organizing is paralleled to Feng Shui.

Letting go of old stuff clears space for new thoughts, beliefs, and ideas which guid to a greater purpose.

Experience -

As I contemplate topics of daily discussion or envision events from the past, I see where it is directly tied in to what I am experiencing right now. Everything I have seen or done has brought you to this very space, and has provided experience for you to know how to be in this very space you are in right now. Experience is the journey.

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