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The Power of Thought

The ideas you fear the most will become your reality through manifestation, if you fear rejection you will manifest those that will reject you. You could also look at it from a psychological perspective, that if you fear rejection you will actively seek those that will reject you, to validate your ideas of self that you do not deserve good and rejection brings comfort through discomfort

We all strive to continue living in a manner that was our foundation, what we know, where we came from. This effort is an unconscious effort, a sense of comfort that we are just naturally drawn to, even if we desire more, even if you currently live in a high-rise penthouse and came from poverty, the odds are high that emotionally you are still thinking and feeling the way you did when you were younger. Unless, of course, you decided to think and feel differently and know your worth, or you already had a good level of self confidence, which is probably what got you out of poverty. So, those that live their life with this fear or this sense of lacking will always feel like they don’t have enough, unless they take the initiative to understand this natural occurrence and learn to create and manifest a different belief system, different thoughts and a different sense of value. What you fear becomes your reality. The multi millionaire that wants to make more, more, more, and never has enough, might not just be greedy. He might have a fear of having nothing again, hence even though he has a lot of stuff and money, inside he might be empty and broke. Not enough.

This I know, in this life that you live right now there are a few guarantees

  1. You have no control over your beginning

  2. You have no control over the exit

  3. You have complete control over the middle - The “living” part

You choose to become, to do, to be. You have complete control. So many fail to understand that this is such a crucial part of life and most people are doing everything they can to “just get by”. This is that poverty mentality as apse to the “abundance” mentality

The abundance mentality is where you believe you are here for a greater purpose, you give to others and share as if you are abundant instead of hoarding your gifts like you don’t have enough. I call this the “Not enough” space. If you live “Not enough” you will always feel and have “Not enough”.

Know your worth and feel good enough, everyone has a story, a tough situation, some worse than others, but the key is to make that an opportunity to teach others. Look at life and existence as if we are all being tested to see who plays well with others. Who chooses to learn and grow, and who has the vision to know there is more to life than just existing, just getting by is not living at all, I do not believe we are all here just to get by, just to live and die, to just live and die is an empty existence with no purpose and no function and is not a life. To enjoy each moment, to connect with earth and life, to learn and grow, to share what you learned, to help other people, to do this together is a life, anything else is just existing.

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